What park in Burnaby do you prefer to visit for a day? For locals, it feels like an epic journey to discover all the parks in Burnaby. Every time you choose one, another one pops up. This keeps you guessing which one to visit today.

Each of the Burnaby parks is unique and it can be difficult to choose one among many. We have the perfect park for you if you are traveling to Burnaby within a few days. This comprehensive list includes nine of the most beautiful parks in Burnaby. They range from the largest and most well-known to the smaller, less-known ones.


1. Burnaby Fraser Park

There are many riverside green spaces in Burnaby, but none can match Fraser Foreshore Park. Beautiful greenery engulfs the poetic view that opens out onto the Fraser River’s north arm. Although it is located at the south end of Byrne Road, public transit cannot access it. However, you can still get in on foot or on a motorbike.

When you are inside the park, be sure to keep an eye out for the blacktop biking trail that is separate from the walking route. Both paths run along the shoreline, which is a good thing. As an appendix to New Westminster, an earthen bike path extends from the park’s eastern boundary.

Made in the shade

Bicycling trails are shaded more heavily by the canopy – this is a plus for those who prefer to walk. The new asphalt pathway is a great alternative to the old shaded path that ran along the west side. Shades and tall trees are now a rarity on this section of the trail, making it unbearable to walk in the heat.

The view is stunning whether you arrive early in the morning, or at sunset. It is a lively scene with loggers walking up and down the shoreline and tugboats pulling log booms. Fraser Foreshore has plenty to offer for children, including picnic areas, BBQ facilities, and exercise fields.

Address: 7751 Fraser Park Dr. Burnaby BC V5J5L8.


2. Robert Burnaby Park

Robert Burnaby Park, located just off the Trans Canada Highway is a popular destination for scenic hikers. The tall trees make it easy to soak the trails that wind through the creek ravine.

Artisans create wonder

The roots are where sculptures of mythical creatures can be found. They turn their heads with an evil look and gruesome mouths. Rest your worries! There aren’t any ancient animals found in the woods. These artistic creatures were created by local artisans with materials from the forest floors.



Emerald, a mother dragon that nestles her children underneath, is the most amazing animal. The ground-spreading arts inspire curiosity and a photo-op.

Peaceful trails

The quiet trails and Robert Burnaby Park, which is moss-filled, attract local families and outdoor enthusiasts every weekend. You can find a peaceful place to meditate beneath the conifer canopy and steep ravines.

Address: 8155 Wedgewood St, Burnaby, BC V3N 3S5.


3. Burnaby Central Park

We don’t know of any other green space that is as popular as Burnaby Central Park.

Central Park boasts eight kilometers of scenic trails and large landscapes. It looks like it has come straight from a fairytale. Central Park covers 90 hectares of Burnaby footprint. It is a rectangular green space that is hugged by Kingsway and Boundary Road.

Central Park is a highly-visited park in the city because of its central location, right at the border between Burnaby & Vancouver.

Filled with outdoor activities

Central Park encourages outdoor activities. The park’s main attraction is its walking trails, which are supported by many recreational facilities. Central Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its tennis courts, a pitch-and-putt course, swimming pool, and huge children’s play area.


Long history

The remarkable history of Central Park shines through. It was inaugurated by Prince Charles of Wales and Princess Diana in 1986. Once, it served as a naval reserve that supplied masts and spars to the Royal Navy.

Continue northbound until you reach the corner of the park. Here is the Swangard Station. It is a popular spot for runners and other events, so it will not be surprising that this bird is a favorite of sports enthusiasts in the area.

Address: Burnaby BC V5S3R2.


4. Capitol Hill Reservoir Park

The park is located at a staggering elevation of 203 meters, on Capitol Hill’s summit. This incredible height affords parkgoers, scenic view seekers, and photographers breathtaking views.

It doesn’t matter what hour it is, there are always hordes upon hordes of people gathered in groups to gaze at distant Vancouver harbor and the Burnaby suburbs. The park opens to a romantic sunset that casts its shimmers onto the concrete jungles of downtown Vancouver when the sun sets.

Spectacular view and extensive trails

Capitol Hill Reservoir Park’s greatest draw is its spectacular view and the extensive trail that runs through the woods. This trail is part of the Trans Canada Highway and runs along Capitol Hill’s northern thigh. It is a great way to get your core working out in the sun, as it slopes down on the grape-fern pathway.



Capitol Hill Reservoir Park is moving towards outdoor activities that are more adult-oriented. The thick vegetation covers the hummocks, making it difficult to find benches or a children’s play area. If you are looking for a place to let your kids run, there are many parks that you can choose from.

You can avoid the crowds by going to the park before sunset. It is crowded at night with young people playing music.

Address: 229 N Hythe Ave. Burnaby BC V5B1G6


5. Burnaby Lake Regional Park

This park’s main events are held around the waterfront. This park is the best place in Burnaby to see wildlife and discover eco-biodiversity.

You can spend two hours walking along the water’s edge to interact with blue herons and bald eagles as well as belted Kingfishers and other rare birds.



Burnaby Lake Regional Park may not be the best place for a swim. A scenic body of water, surrounded by marshland, is the best way to beat the heat.

Although swimming is not an option, there are plenty of water sports. You can launch your boat from the dock to enjoy a leisurely sail on the lake after you have reached it. You can also take training courses in rowing, kayaking, and canoeing.

No need to sweat

If parkgoers don’t wish to climb many hills over a single day, they can take part in an easy trail off the water. These trails are moderately graded with semi-firm surfaces at certain points and loose gravels elsewhere.

You will find them winding through forests with some parts touching the water. These trails are for walkers and hikers only. Except for a detour around Cariboo Road or Winston Avenue, cyclists are not allowed on these paths.

Address: 4519 Piper Ave, Burnaby, BC V5A 3B5.


6. Deer Lake Park

Burnaby’s Deer Lake Park is the focus of heritage attractions and artists.

Deer Lake is home to some of the most popular and easiest walking trails in Burnaby. It also gets a round of applause from local history and art buffs. You can enjoy the Century Gardens as well as a village museum along the winding trails that lead to Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

Take a break from the concrete jungle

Deer Lake Park is located between south and north Burnaby. It attracts many locals who enjoy the summer months. Deer Lake Park is a prime spot and easily accessible. The lake surrounds a stunning cityscape that mirrors Vancouver’s concrete jungles.

The boardwalks that surround most of the beach are ideal for walking your pet. These boardwalks lead to the woods. Hidden behind the woods lies a little ravine. Its gentle sound blends into the air and cancels out the noises from the main thoroughfares.


Paddle a canoe

Deer Lake is always packed with events in summer. If you are looking for something new to do with the water, renting canoes is an option.

Address: 5435 Sperling Ave., Burnaby BC V5E 2L8.


7. Burnaby Mountain Park

Burnaby’s other green spaces complement the random, spontaneous creation of a natural endowment. Burnaby Mountain Park is a completely different story. It is the shining star of the well-maintained rose gardens and tree slots.


Take in the magnificent sunsets

Nestled on the northeastern side of Simon Fraser University. Burnaby Mountain Park offers spectacular views of sunsets over North Vancouver, Port Moody, and Coquitlam. The dramatic backdrop to your photos is the Playground of the Gods’ magnificent sunset scene, which shines through the tall, carved wooden poles.

From sundown to nightfall, the beautiful view continues. Local hikers love that you can bring your own chairs. You can find trails that run through the woods, while others take you along the water with stunning views of the inlet.

Address: 100 Centennial Way, Burnaby, BC V5A 2X9.



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