Do you want to find easy ways of making more money? (Who isn’t?) Maybe you’re trying to reach that Debt-Free Scream faster. Perhaps you want to replace an old couch with a stained look that has been Februaryreezed so many times.

No matter your motivation, garage sales can be a good way to quickly make cash. A garage sale will be the most effective way to quickly make money. It will be loved by both the buyer and seller. Are you looking for a kitchen table to replace a broken one? It is possible to find someone who wants it. Do you want to give up on clothes you don’t wear in a while? If not, someone will want those clothes.

If you’re new to yard sales, don’t hesitate. These garage sale tips will assist you in organizing, pricing your items accurately, and closing the day with some money.

Here are five tips to get your garage sale ready

If your home looks like it belonged on Hoarders, it is time to move. It is now time to get ready for the big day.

1. Eliminate your clothing

Although it sounds easy, this must be stated. Are you able to identify the door you need to avoid? The one that you open slowly in fear of something falling on you. Yeah . . . Now it’s time to clean. And we mean deep clean. Is there anything else? Are you looking for wedding decorations? Are there any old wedding decorations that you don’t use or have redeemed? Do not wear clothes that are no longer suitable. Don’t wear clothing that isn’t fitting anymore. You can also go through the basement, garage, and attic to find other closets and cabinets.

If you aren’t using it or wearing it often, it’s time to let it go. Marie Kondo’s wisdom is great motivation: If it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it! It will be easier to get rid of unnecessary possessions, and you’ll have more room. Decluttering never felt so good.

2. Get started sorting

It can seem daunting to sell your garage. Make sure you do your research before selling. Your tennis equipment and clothing, along with your old board games and other items should be sorted into one of three categories: Keep/Sell or Trash.

Don’t worry about the price. Instead, you should be focusing on organization and sorting. You want to eliminate junk and find homes for what you do need. Once you’ve sorted everything, you can take the things you don’t want anymore.

3. Accept this idea

You can join forces with another block family if strangers are not something you like or you want to split the workload. Check with your association to find out if they have a sale in the area.

4. Set a date

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Garage sales work best on Saturdays and Sundays. Insider tip for garage sales: Plan it for the first weekend of the month. People will have enough money left over to buy more if they get many paychecks at the end.

You should start sooner, as it is cooler. You might get more people to come because they can shop earlier. Before you place signs around the area, make sure to check the weather forecast. Buyers are discouraged by rainy days!

5. Stock up on your supplies

You can buy pricing stickers and blank labels at most office supply stores. To price your products, you can use permanent markers or masking tape. This will help to reduce your expenses. For a garage sale, you will need a table and chairs.

It will be necessary to have enough space for all of your individual items. There are many ways to display your unique items. There are many options. You could place boxes, tables, and blankets on the ground or you can even use a board to cover two boxes. No matter how much you try, it is important that all breakable objects are properly supported by a firm surface.

How do you set prices for garage sales?

It is all about being able to put yourself in the shoes of your buyer when pricing. How much would you spend to purchase this item at a similar garage sale? How much would you spend? How much would it cost to buy something for such a low price that you feel you are stealing it? This list of garage sale tips can help you determine the value of all your stuff.

1. Name your price

These are the top tips for garage sale pricing. Don’t be attached to the items or overprice them. Get a friend’s opinion. They will let you know their price range. Ask them if they will not. . . You might consider donating it.

It’s worth doing a quick search on the internet to find out the current market value for everything else. It’s possible to keep the price tag realistic and set items at half or a third of what they would cost new. If a sweater costs $50, it’s unlikely that it will sell. If a sweater costs $80, it would be in excellent condition and sell for $25. You’ve struck a deal.

These are some tips for pricing garage sales items.

Clothes for babies

Items in excellent condition, gently used, and in great shape are recommended at $1-$3. Items that have been worn less than once are priced at $1.

Clothing for Adults

Prices range from $3 to $5 (higher if an item has not been tagged).


Prices range from $3 to $7


Prices range from $5-15


The suggested price is 50c to 2 dollars (but, it’s worth getting appraised if you have jewelry of significant value).


Price range: Paperbacks, hardcovers, $1-$2; paperbacks, 25-50 cents

Blu-ray discs, DVDs, or CDs

Prices range from $3-5

Toys and Games

Price range: $1-$3 per item

Interior Decor

Prices range from $3-5


The suggested price for low-quality furniture is between $10-30. For high-quality furniture, however, the suggested price should not exceed 30% of what you’d pay.

2. Your prices should be visible

Price tags or price stickers can be used to clearly indicate your price points. If you are short on time, you can put similar items together with a sign which breaks down the cost. To create a color-coded chart, you can use colored stickers. Red stickers will cost you $2 and blue stickers $1, respectively, while green stickers will run 50 cents per piece.


Bigger items call for bigger price tags. It’s not a good idea to force the buyer into looking for small stickers. The buyer should see it clearly and find it appealing.

3. Bundle products

You can easily pass up DVDs for $1 each. They will be much more appealing if they are offered for $1 each than four of them at $2. You have many options to offer a deal. If it is late or difficult to transport items, customers can buy bags for as low as $5-10. Are you still able to remember the grab bags you got from your local grocery store as a child? This same idea works for adults today.

4. Don’t increase your prices, expect to negotiate

You should price your items so they are easily sold. Period. Expect customers to bargain if you set a low starting price. If you set high starting prices and expect customers to negotiate, it could cost you a sale.



Advertise your garage sale

You shouldn’t overthink your garage sale marketing. This is a garage sale. Use the signs and balloons from Dollar Store to create big arrows that will let others know where to find your house. You should make sure the route is simple enough to be found by a first-grader!

Advertising in the local newspaper, bulletin of your church, or group on Facebook is a great way to advertise. Keep it simple, and don’t stress. If you put your mind to it, they will be there.

Eight Garage Sales Tips to Make the Big Day a Success

Now is the time to get rid of your stuff! These tips can help you maximize your garage sale.

1. Always have some spare change

You don’t want to lose a sale just because you don’t have enough change. It is important to have sufficient small bills in order to change your customer’s money.


2. How to bargain/negotiate

Everyone wants to get a bargain. Many people will get up Saturday morning to buy your castoffs. You can negotiate with the customer if they are willing, but it is your responsibility to not disappoint them. You don’t own your stuff! Your stuff is not yours!

3. It should be attractive

If you wish to make it sell, then your items must look great. Before you put them up for sale, make sure to clean out all dusty objects. Bike and basketball tires should have air pumped in. Remove the mud and dirt from your child’s soccer cleats.

Half-used batteries or brand-new batteries can be used to power a device that is dependent on batteries. It will make sure the buyer feels confident that it functions. An extension cord is useful for testing appliances that need an outlet. Place a mirror near accessories and clothing. It may sound absurd but it can be the difference between losing or selling a sale.

4. Place your stuff

Your sale items should be set up early in the morning. You should make sure that the products you sell look appealing. So that people know you’re selling much more than just T-shirts and costume jewelry, place your most valuable items near them.

Make sure everything is organized and clearly labeled so it’s easy to find. Wrap fragile items in grocery bags and store them at the check-out. This small detail can really make a difference.

5. Invite your family to participate

Garage sales and other events that take place on Saturday mornings can be difficult for teenagers to enjoy. Let them have a share of the proceeds. Your teenager can agree to a deal: If they sell their items, they will get the cash. It’s a great way to clean up your teenager. Absolutely. They will not know.

Your younger siblings can help you run a bakery or lemonade stand. It’s hard not to be a pint-sized entrepreneur.

6. Be careful

Although it may sound odd, we won’t let you down. Most shoppers don’t mind getting good deals, and they are usually well-intentioned. Strangers may still visit your property to shop.

It’s smart to lock your doors during a sale. It is important that no one can enter your house to go to the bathroom or to drink water. You should keep a bowl of water on hand and direct them to the closest gas station.

Be careful when handling cash. You can keep the smaller bills in your cashbox, or carry them on your body using an appendage. It is best to pass large bills on to loved ones to keep your family safe.

7. Learn what you can do with unsold products

If you still have some, it is possible to sell them online. It’s possible to post items in your Facebook group and list them on eBay or Craigslist. You could also share the item on platforms like Swap, VarageSale, Swap, and VarageSale. Selling clothes online on Poshmark and thredUP might be an option.

Include photos of the items. People won’t buy antique floor lamps if your listing doesn’t include photos. Before you list it, make sure that you research similar items. It will give you an idea about the price.

8. Find a truck

Everyone has leftovers after a garage sale. There will be leftovers for you, too. If you’re tired of seeing it, donate it. Ask a friend to borrow a truck to transport your items to charity or to the thrift shop. If you do not have anyone to haul your items, you might be eligible to ask for a pickup.

Enjoy Your Garage Sale Profits!

These tips can help you make a garage sale a success. If you don’t,. . . There is plenty of time for another garage sale. Take your time and your garage sale will go smoothly.

The hard part is now. Do a triumph dance, and then count your money. A zero-based budget is a great option if you don’t know where your money should go. Every dollar in your budget will be assigned a task. EveryDollar will allow you to stay on track, no matter if you’re paying off debt or saving up for retirement.

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