We have all been there. It’s a stressful time. You’re getting ready to move. You don’t know where to start. People are becoming more aware that moving is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary possessions. You may want to reduce your possessions as minimalist lifestyles are becoming more popular. Let’s look at some ways to get rid of clutter for moving.

Stop procrastinating

You may have ample time to declutter, but it is better to start now than later. People make the huge mistake of waiting too long to declutter. This can lead to a chaotic approach that leads to too many items being moved. This can increase stress during the move.

What time should you begin to clear out your home before you move? It all depends on how big your home is. A few months should be sufficient if you live in a small apartment. You might want to start six to nine months before you move into a larger house.


It is possible to eliminate consumables from your home. You should actually set a goal of getting rid of as many consumables before you move. This is great for food. Plan meals as you get closer to the move date. This will allow you to cook from what you already have and only purchase the ingredients you need. You should only move with spices and small quantities of dry goods.

You can also start to use other consumables. There is no need to have a lot of paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, conditioners, candles, or other consumables. Begin using your supplies down. This is especially important if your hobby is to accumulate stockpiles when there are good sales. Let your stocks dwindle.


Set Ground Rules

This tip is especially useful if you have difficulty parting ways with items. To decide if you will keep or dispose of something, set ground rules.

The utility test is one of the most important rules. Are you able to prove that the item has been used in the last year? If so, the item is likely to be a good candidate for recycling, upcycling, donating, or trash.

It can be challenging to get rid of sentimental items. You might want to keep one box for sentimental items. These items can be set aside, and you will decide what goes in the box. This can be a great way for you to decide which items should be kept and which can go.

Make room

It is important to have space to work when decluttering. You can set aside some space for work. This will allow you to make piles of stuff to sell or donate. This is a great place to start the process of decluttering if you have a guest bedroom in your house. You may need to declutter for a long time so it is important that you choose a room that you don’t use very often.

Best option

This is one of your best options for organizing your decluttering process. When you have enough items to donate, schedule a drop-off or pickup. If you have lots of items to donate, many places will pick them up. A staging area will be helpful if you plan to hold a yard sale. It can help you price and organize your items.

Take into consideration your new home

The layout and size of your new home are two of the most important things that will influence your decluttering choices. This is especially true if you’re downsizing. You will need to make the most of your space by optimizing your belongings. The transition will guide your decisions.

Even if your home is smaller in square footage, layout factors can affect what you keep. You may need to reduce towels if you move from a home that has a large master bedroom and bath to one with less storage. This will also impact your decision if you’re moving from a garage or no garage. These are some of the factors to consider.

Things to Consider When Decluttering

Many people have similar items that sit around in their homes, are not being used, and are unable to declutter. Here are some items you might want to get rid of.


Most people have unused mugs and glasses that they don’t use. Dish towels and potholders that are cracked or stained should be thrown out. It may be time to throw out any scuffed potholders or dish towels.


Towels and washcloths that are stained, torn, or ripped should be cut first. You can replace unsanitary items such as drain stoppers and plungers at your destination. What about cleaning supplies? You can save space by only buying what you need for your next location. Do you really need half a dozen lotions? It’s unlikely.

Living Room

Look at your furniture carefully and see if it is compatible with your new home. Another option is to get rid of electronics you don’t use. If you want to change your aesthetic, consider getting rid of wall art.


This is an area in that you should declutter. There are likely to be clothes that don’t fit anymore, excess jewelry, blankets, and bedding, as well as shoes you don’t use. You almost certainly have clothes that your children have outgrown if you have children. Your children can help you declutter old toys. This is a great way for your children to learn about the charity by donating toys they don’t use anymore.

Home Office

You may have computer equipment and cords you don’t remember where they are. You can also throw away old calendars and planners and used pens and other office supplies you don’t use often. You should make sure you destroy any important documents that you are attempting to sell. It may seem difficult, but you might consider donating your books.

In the end

Moving is a great opportunity to start over. Although it takes effort, decluttering can be a great way to organize your home. Take your time when decluttering for moving. These tips will help you reduce the number of boxes that you need to pack. Burnaby Movers can help you with your move.



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