Now your dream house is your ideal family home. The home’s new construction features great amenities such as large yards and friendly neighbors. Once you have completed closing and you have sold your home, you can move in with your family.

It can be difficult to move into your dream house. It will be necessary to pack, move and adjust everything. These tips can help make the move smoother and keep your kids happy.

How to talk with your children about moving

It is important to inform your children of the move. Even though you may be nervous about the move and want to make sure everything is in order, your child’s entire world will likely change. They will be unable to adjust to new environments and will probably lose friends and familiarity. You can help your children make the transition easier.

Tell your children as soon as possible. If you plan to move, your children will be aware. Let your kids know about the plans as soon as possible to help them prepare and make sure that they are involved.

All details should be given to them. Depending on their age, your children might need additional information. It is important to inform your children of the time and date you are moving in, the changes that will occur during the move, and whether or not you intend on sharing a room.

Make it Exciting

You can encourage them to look for exciting things. Your children will feel frustrated for many reasons. It is important that they feel supported and excited to move away from friends and find new homes.

All their questions will be answered. Ask your children questions. Ask them questions and give honest answers. You will feel less anxious if they are honest. It might help to imagine what their friends and classmates will do or how they’ll be at school.

Encourage your children to let their emotions out.

This is one of the most important things you can do for your kids. Fearful emotions can be overwhelming for children and they may not understand how to deal with them. You can help your child understand their fear and deal with it by reading, listening to music, or watching clips from favorite television programs.


Time to organize


It is now time to organize your belongings. There are likely to be challenged like keeping your children on track and managing angry feelings. Here are some suggestions to get you through the next step.

It doesn’t matter if you start earlier than you think. It’s something that everyone does. You are suddenly putting your belongings in boxes as the moving day approaches. Packing is a must to ensure that you and your family are ready for the move.

Plan ahead

Your move will be planned for the following week. Plan the week before your move with your kids. You can plan what food your family will eat and how they’ll eat them. Make packing lists to reduce stress and panic. It is important to plan ahead for who will be driving what vehicle, and how they will travel safely.

You can make a list of the things that you must do. Your children can help you with small tasks prior to your move. This is a win-win for both of you. They can help with packing and cleaning chores.

A routine is a good idea.

It is an excellent way to encourage young minds. Moving can cause chaos in your home and family schedules. This will reduce stress and anxiety.

Enjoy your time without children. It can be difficult to put every item in boxes. This is difficult to manage a household while you’re packing. It’s possible to turn naptime into packing and accomplish as much while your children are at school.

Organize boxes

Color-code boxes. With so many people helping you, it can make it difficult to organize your boxes. Label each box with stickers or tape. It’s a simple and quick way to help kids organize their things.

An overnight bag is essential for everyone. Everyone in your family needs a duffle bag that contains all the essentials. You can use these bags for the first night and last night in your new home.

If you’re unsure, throw it out. Broken crayons, old school assignments, and other things that children collect are just a few of the many items they accumulate. Children also accumulate old toys and broken crayons. Most likely, you already have several boxes of junk left over from your kids. You can get rid of as much junk from your children as possible to save time and packing tape.

Getting rid of their junk

Be sneaky. Junk can easily become a part of a child’s life. It is possible to get rid of junk during school, night, and other hours. They won’t be able to remember the paper scraps after you are done, I swear.

Reduce anxiety

Keep a positive attitude. Your children should be happy. Keep your energy up. This is especially important when your family moves into a new home. Your children might already be feeling anxious.

It’s a smart idea to hire a babysitter. It’s a wonderful idea to hire a babysitter for date nights. The kids can stay with the babysitter, while you work. You should get busy packing boxes. For younger children, a sitter is a great option. You can also use it to help with moving during the summer when you won’t have your children.

Include them in decisions

Give your kids a voice. If your children are given the opportunity to decide, they will be more in control over their environment. Your children can help you decide what is important.

Take pictures of your house. If your children are like most kids, they will find it difficult to say goodbye to the house. It is possible to make your children feel less anxious about leaving.

Allow your children plenty of time to adjust

Children may require adjustment for at most one year. Be prepared for strong emotions at the start.

Befriend your neighbors. If your children have an opportunity to make new friends, they will be more settled and able to adapt quickly. You will have more time for packing and they will be very busy.

Even if you have everything packed, it will still be necessary to put the boxes in order. You might even get into a fight with them and they may try to force you into packing their things in boxes that you can’t see. These tips will help you make packing stress-free for your children.

Sort, Sort, Sort!

Most children won’t be able to do this by themselves. It may be necessary to provide guidance for your children depending on their age (preteens), but you are able to sort it by yourself (babies or toddlers). You can sort everything into three sections: Discard, Keep, or Sell/Donate.

Most children can put their “keep” items into boxes once they are taught how to do so.

Offering incentives

Rewarding your child for accomplishing tasks like packing or organizing is a great idea. You could give your child a gift certificate or let him keep any money he earns from the sale of their items. Once everything has been packed, you can then buy them new stuff. Offering incentives can help make packing more manageable.

Make it a competition

There is nothing more thrilling for children than watching their siblings win in any sport. Packing is a great way to turn your competitive spirit into a winning strategy. Each round, your children are free to pack anything they like. Everything must be packed neatly to receive credit or a prize.

Giving away old toys

Instead of throwing out unwanted or unsold toys, donate them. This is more than just a means to get rid of clutter. It’s a great way to teach your kids the value of giving back and charity.

Remember how I mentioned sneaky earlier? Your children can choose toys to give their friends. They should be aware that the toys they don’t use anymore can be given to another child who will enjoy them just as much.

These are some fantastic places to donate toys.

Retired toys and clothing can be stored

If your child has outgrown clothes or toys, you still have choices. There is an answer. Storage. If you are unable to store enough items, traditional storage units may be a good option.

Family, parents, son and daughter, unpacking boxes and moving into a new home.

How about those with a few boxes left?

Good news! There is no need for you to keep your items in a block of 10×10 cement placed at the edge of town. You can use Neighbor to locate small storage areas. You are likely to find the perfect storage space within your local area so you won’t have to go far.

To sum it all up

You don’t need to be a mathematician genius or psychologist to see that stress can increase when you add children to an already stressed environment. It will be easier to manage stress if your children are involved in the planning and you stay calm.

Although I can’t promise you won’t hear it, “Are we Done Yet?” is something I believe in. You will hear it more than 100 times before you reach the end.

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