There are many reasons why people have to move house, a new job, or a company moving to another city. Finding a mover is never a task to be taken lightly, after all, it’s entrusting most of your home’s belongings to a stranger.


moving scams



But some people just make a hasty phone call, or pick a random moving company from the internet, and end up with someone who doesn’t respect the moving items and moving dates, and who even overcharges or isn’t responsible for the damage.

The worst time of the year for scams

August and September are peak seasons for moving companies. Canadian industry associations say the hundreds of complaints the government and associations receive each year are just the tip of the iceberg,

Insurance is a must

With scams becoming more frequent the only way for residents to self-insure is to find a trusted company, it is best to buy moving insurance and sign a contract. If the customer does not buy insurance, after the item is damaged, only a small amount of compensation will be paid. Clients save money by moving in the middle of the month, on weekdays.

John Levi, president of the Canadian Association of Moving Companies (CAM), a large number of media reports about moving scams caused a sensation. He said: “We receive 100 to 200 complaints a year; government departments receive about 200 complaints a year. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The actual number of fraud cases is staggering. The police do not provide fraud data.”

Protect yourself by doing these things

There are two reasons for this: some minority customers are reluctant to call the police after being deceived; it is difficult for customers who pay cash without invoices to complain. He advised residents to pay by credit card or check so they have proof in the event of a dispute.

Canadian residents are not protected from moving. When people are deceived, the government will not compensate consumers; the Better Business Association (BBB) can do nothing; neither can the moving association, because customers did not choose its members.

Governments role

In order to reduce moving scams, The government could introduce regulatory measures (such as allowing companies to register) nationwide or in each province, rather than each city. Moving companies are often cross-city services, and city-level management is not effective.


Low-cost companies or no insurance make things difficult 

Burnaby moving companies vary widely in their fees. In order to attract customers, some companies send two strong men to load, carry, unload and drive trucks, advertising that they charge only 50 yuan per hour; some companies provide similar services and charge as high as 150 yuan per hour.

Be advised that the company with the lowest fee is likely not to provide insurance. If the customer does not buy insurance, after the item is damaged, he will only receive a small amount of compensation, calculated at 60 cents per pound.

For example, if a 50-pound color TV is scratched, the company will only pay $30. Regular companies must buy insurance. $50000 in compensation. If the value of a moving item is $10000, the company must be able to pay at least $10000. If the company does not provide insurance, the customer must take the initiative to request it.



Choose your moving company carefully

According to the Moving Association, the cost of owning a truck is $25 an hour (including gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.). The handling fee for two people is $50  per hour, which means that each employee is paid $25 per hour,

In most cases, moving companies are much cheaper and less formal than professional companies. However, this does not mean that they are suspected of being liars.

Ms. Jones, a Vancouver resident, said that she consulted 5 companies before moving, and finally chose the cheapest company (non-moving association member). Two strong men are responsible for loading, transporting, and unloading, and one of them is responsible for driving a large truck.

The service does not exceed 2 hours, and the total is $250 (tax included). There was no contract before the move, she didn’t buy insurance, and the items were not damaged. After all the services, she paid cash, got a receipt, and there was no fraud.

Find a trusted company

Members of the Moving Association provide insurance (Financial Cargo Coverage) and written contracts to ensure service quality.  The only way for residents to avoid being scammed is to find a reputable company.



Moving charges depend on the date of handling, and the higher the peak season, the higher the charges. August and September are peak seasons, and there are more businesses at the end of the month and weekends, and the fees are higher.

Be aware of all charges

In peak season, the transportation fee for two people is $120  per hour, and the gas fee is $75 -$100. A total of $240  (tax included) for removal within 2 hours, including insurance. If you move from Monday to Thursday, you can save 10% on moving costs; if you move in the middle of every month, you can save 25% on fuel costs.

If there is no elevator in the new or old home, you will have to pay extra for moving a piano or a color TV over 30 inches. If paying by credit card, an additional 5% service fee will be charged; cash payment is more economical.

Choosing the right mover

Choosing a reputable moving company includes, finding several moving companies to evaluate the home; making sure that the moving company is legally registered, and buying insurance;

to the local consumer protection center or business bureau to check the reputation of this moving company; Don’t decide your choice based on the price, because you may not get good service. The general moving fee cannot exceed 110% of the estimated cost.

Points to Identify Fraudulent Removal Companies

The Canadian Association of Moving Companies (CAM) cites a typical scam: telling you how much to charge for a move just by calling or contacting online. And this price is very low.

Some companies initially claimed to charge $75  per hour, but after the furniture was loaded into the car, the fee suddenly doubled or even tripled. The company also threatened customers that if they didn’t pay, they wouldn’t even try to get the furniture back. Some companies even steal customers’ household items and move them into their own homes.



Look for these things before choosing a moving company

Therefore, before you hire a moving company, you must pay attention to the following things, and if these things happen, you need to pay attention.

Moving companies quote you without physically checking your stuff, usually very low, unbelievably low; they ask for cash or a large down payment; you won’t find this on the website Company’s address and registration, insurance, etc.; moving company verbally says they have insurance;

when you call them, the tape only mentions “moving company” without naming the company; no office, warehouse, or Yes but it’s bad; the day you move, you find that they don’t have their own van, but a rental car.

Low trust

In addition, the lowest-charging companies are likely to have no offices, no landline phones, and only cell phones. After the move went wrong, the residents filed a police report. Police do not have landline phones, making it difficult to quickly locate the company.

If customers want to complain, there is nowhere to go. The company is likely to only accept cash, no invoices, no contracts, no income tax, and HST, and exploit legal loopholes. No compensation will be paid if the movers quietly throw away the damaged items.

Fly by night companies

The Moving Association also reminds residents that there are many advertisements for moving companies on the yellow pages, on the Internet, and on whiteboards outside stores, and these companies are not necessarily credible.

The only thing these ads are absolutely true about is the phone. The advertisement may be written by the company boss’s mother, the customer feedback may be written by the boss’s brother-in-law, and there is absolutely no negative feedback. In fact, even the best companies have customer complaints.

Moving is also an opportunity to do good

Moving is also an opportunity to do good, Don’t throw old clothes, old furniture, and canned food into the trash when cleaning up, and donate them to charities that help low-income people.


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