If you had to choose, would you prefer a one-bedroom or six-bedroom apartment? I’m willing to bet that you answered a six-bedroom apartment. That’s completely normal. Because no one wants to live in a small area.

We all feel drawn to larger spaces. But not everyone can afford to live in such large spaces. You probably live in a one-bedroom apartment.

This is because you came here looking for ideas to make your apartment look larger. Apartment movers can help you do exactly that. Keep watching!

Sometimes small rooms can feel cramped and oppressive. There are many tricks that can make your apartment seem larger.

Every little thing helps

Everything counts, from color techniques and intelligent lighting to furniture arrangement. Remember museums of illusions, if you have ever been there. These techniques can be used to create illusions.

It doesn’t matter how small the change might seem, it can fool the eye and be very effective.

Make your apartment look larger with colors

Did you know dark colors absorb light more than lighter ones? While light colors reflect more light, dark colors tend to absorb it. In other words, dark colors can make a space appear smaller, while lighter colors can make it appear larger.

If you tried to test this theory, you’d find that the biggest room would feel the most spacious if it was colored in a light color. The reflective power of light colors helps to maximize the effects of natural sunlight.

People are more relaxed when they see brighter colors. You may need to lower your stress levels after a move.

White is the best choice

If you don’t want an all-white apartment, you can choose wooden furniture or texture elements in a different shade.

Keep in mind, however, that white comes in many shades. You can also use cool tones in soft colors, such as green or purple if you want your apartment to be brighter.

Increase the light in your apartment to make it appear larger

Light is another key element to make your apartment seem larger. But, we are not talking about color but natural light and lightning. You could place windows on your wall instead.

This would allow you to have natural light, which can transform any room into a large space. You can also connect your room to the outdoors, giving it an endless effect. You might have thought of curtains. They will only block the sun and obscure the view.

You may need an alternative

However, it is sometimes not possible to have large windows for many reasons. You need to find an alternative.

Thank God for artificial light! The common mistake that we make is to place more than one light above our heads.

You can make your apartment look larger by placing a few smaller lamps around it. They will draw more attention to the room and therefore attract more people’s eyes.

Look up!

Your apartment will appear larger if it draws the eyes upwards. Although it is unusual, wallpapers can be applied to your ceiling. Or you can paint it with something else. You can also ask your furniture movers to place shelves near the ceiling.

These shelves will be noticed by many people, which is the ultimate goal. You can also choose to not have shelves that are too close to the ceiling or to have to climb up a chair to reach them. A tall shelf, a tall piece of artwork, or a tall lamp can be placed.

Use Stripes

You could also put stripes on the walls. You read that right! Vertical stripes on walls can make your legs appear longer. A striped rug can be used if you prefer to keep your walls clean. The best way to achieve the best effect is to place the rug so that the stripes run the length of your room.

Here are some things to know about furniture

It’s not possible to make your apartment look larger by changing the furniture in your home. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Your apartment will look larger if you use unexpected furniture or layouts. How about placing your furniture diagonally? You already know that the diagonal is the longest straight line in a room, so this will emphasize it.

To create a feeling of more space

Place your furniture a few inches from the walls.

Choose smaller but more substantial furniture pieces. A large couch is better for a small space than several small pieces of furniture. It’s because too much furniture can make a room appear cluttered. It will also be easier to organize your apartment.

The decor is the same. Your apartment will feel larger if you have large pictures or paintings. A few smaller art pieces are better than the oversized option.

Hidden storage

Multi-purpose and hidden storage are your best friends. This furniture will help keep your apartment clean and simple. An ottoman can be used as both a coffee table or hidden storage.

Remember how we spoke about light? Furniture with exposed legs allows light to flow freely through the furniture and allows the eye to move around the space. This creates the illusion of spaciousness, which is your goal.

Mirrors are a special type of furniture. Mirrors reflect light and create depth. If possible, the best place to hang your mirror is across the window.



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